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Tired of Navigating Your Career Alone?

I did everything right - or at least so I thought. I got the right degree and the right job out of college.  I worked hard, went back and got my Master's, got an even better job, worked harder, and started climbing the ladder.  If I could stop right here, we'd have a nice story about how hard work and perseverance lead to results.  

Of course, the story doesn't stop here.  Then came kids, health problems, and aging parents.  And reorgs, layoffs, and leadership changes.  The equation got harder - significantly harder.  Hard work and perseverance weren't going to be enough anymore.  I needed someone to help me make sense of the change and chaos I found myself in.  I didn't want to just survive in my job anymore, I wanted to love my career.  But is that even possible?


Here's the Good News

To make sense of the chaos I found myself in, I read many books and listened to many podcasts.  I sought out the advice of some wonderful mentors.  Each had something impactful to share or a skill to develop.  But none of these things helped me make sense of how I got here or how to move forward.  I still felt like my goals were out of reach, I was drowning in overwhelm, and struggling with confidence.

The turning point for me was when I discovered coaching.  My mentors helped me develop my skills - and I am so grateful they were there for me.  What I needed now was someone to help me develop me - and that is exactly what my coach did for ME.  Meaningful change is REALLY HARD - and sometimes we can't do it alone.  When I realized how impactful a coach could be, I realized I needed to be that person for others.  I went through a rigorous coach training program and was cert
ified by ICF as a leadership and transition coach.

I eventually developed a 3-month program that distills what I've learned over my 30-year career, including my education, training, testing, and improving.  

Reach Your Goals

Address the Overwhelm

Lead with Confidence

Signature Career Transition Coaching Program

Image by Sam 🐷

Phase 1: Set the Stage

We'll start by reviewing your current situation - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  This will include a values and priorities assessment and review of your assumptions around work, identifying any limiting beliefs. This will culminate in establishing your inspired future.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Phase 2: Develop the Plan

With the future in mind, we’ll develop your aspirational and behavioral goals – the changes you want to make so you can regain control of your career.  Then we’ll identify the strengths that will serve you and the obstacles that might get in your way.

Image by Shane

Phase 3: Take Action

Finally, it’s time to take action.  We’ll experiment, analyze your progress, and measure outcomes – so you can enjoy renewed control in your career!  And we’ll build a long-term plan so you can continue doing so long after our engagement. 

What can you expect?

  • 12 weekly or bi-weekly sessions over 3-6 months

  • Short-term development plan: goals, milestones, and action plan to measure progress

  • Long-term development planContinued success & clear path forward long after engagement concludes

  • Supplemental access: Reach me by phone, text, or email between sessions

  • Non-judgmental safe space to explore possibilities and new approaches

  • Accountability for your commitments and moving forward toward your goals

  • Regular feedback to improve self-awareness, reach clarity, and continue moving forward

  • Assistance in designing optimal action plan based on work situation and learning style

  • Strict confidentiality, following the ICF Code of Ethics

Ready to overcome overwhelm and love  your career?

You don’t have to do this alone. You can love your career, reach your goals, address overwhelm, and transition with confidence.

If you’re ready to try something different, take the first step and click the button below  to schedule your free introductory coaching session. It could be the conversation that changes everything for you and your career.

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