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About Scott

Because I started my career as an aerospace engineer, I like to think I have some credibility when I tell people, “It’s not rocket science.”  After completing Stage 1 of my career, I got my MBA and transitioned into corporate finance.  I worked at Intel for 20+ years in finance leadership roles across several business units and Intel Capital, where I oversaw $500M+ of equity investments across multiple sectors and co-led significant M&A projects. I also served as a Finance mentor for over ten years before discovering my true career love – coaching.

Summarizing my career in one paragraph makes it sound so neat and tidy.  The reality was anything but.  The formula seemed so easy starting off: Hard Work + Perseverance = Career Progression.  Then 
came kids, health problems, and aging parents.  And reorgs, layoffs, and leadership changes.  The rules changed - and I couldn't find my new formula.


Today, I am a Career Development & Transition Coach, certified by the Hudson Institute of Coaching and credentialed with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have had the privilege of coaching clients at several large companies (such as Intel, Google, GE, and AXA), startups, and several clients in between roles. 

I now spend my days doing exactly what I love most - helping leaders just like you achieve their goals, navigate transitions successfully, and replace the overwhelm with calm and confidence. I want to assure you that it is never too late to make changes to find joy and empowerment in your career.  To get started, click the button below to schedule your free introductory coaching session.



From my wedding day in November 2022. My wife and I live in the Pacific Northwest and have 7 kids in our blended family.

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